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Toyota Matrix

Leopard spotted Toyota Matrix

Toyota Matrix

This Toyota Matrix has to be the most feminine customization I’ve seen since the Mini that used to run around Southgate that had lace antimacassars on the seatbacks. That’s not a criticism – more power to the ladies!

Anyway, yesterday evening we headed up to the new Moxies at Hunt Club and Riverside and what did we see parked outside the T&T Chinese supermarket but this eye-catcher. Check out the interior too!


Eastern Ontario Trail Blazers at The Gorge 2010-06-27

Had a great day out with the Eastern Ontario Trail Blazers on the 27th June for their trip up The Gorge near Burnstown. Chris Packham kindly invited us along for a ride in his Jeep. I wasn’t a very well-behaved guest because I spent more time walking with my camera than riding in his Jeep – I hope he wasn’t offended. There was a good selection of cars – Jeep TJs, JKs, and a YJ, a Ford Explorer, a Suzuki Samurai, and a Toyota Landcruiser. It was impressive the way that the little Suzuki kept up with the Jeeps. I always liked the Samurai.

I must point out that these guys were very sensible and safety conscious – it’s only my photography that makes it look like they were charging around the bush!