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Harley Davidson

Kanata Cruise 2010-08-10

More cool cars and bikes for your enjoyment from this week’s Kanata Cruise. My favourite car was the Pontiac Solstice. I’m pleased with the close-up of the old Cadillac because I got detail in the highlights and the shadows but you probably don’t care about technical things like that – just enjoy the sumptuous blue interior. Check out the ‘tash on the guy riding the Harley Davidson doesn’t he look cool? It’s hard to get good general shots of the shoot with the people milling around. I’m pleased with the way the shot of the Barracuda brings across the sunset atmosphere of this cruise. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Lots of car and bike pictures to process from yesterday’s Kanata Cruise

It’s the first time I’ve been able to get to the Kanata Cruise this year. Took a bunch of pictures of the cool cars and bikes – now I have to edit and process them all. From the preview screen on the back of the camera it looks like I’ve got some good shots – let’s hope they look as good when I get them up on the computer monitor this evening.

It wasn’t the biggest turnout ever but pretty good – I guess the forecast rain put some people off but it was a nice evening. Hazeldean Mall is a great spot. There was a good selection: a Ferrari, a cool Pontiac Solstice – usually I prefer the looks of the Saturn Sky but this one was very nicely done, Meteor, Camaros (old and new), Barracuda, a bunch of nice old coupes, and many many more as they say in the infomercials.


Cars and bikes at Merrickville Cruise and Shop 2010-07-11

There were plenty of cool cars and bikes at the Merrickville Cruise and Shop on the 11th July. The sheer number of cars and people meant that it wasn’t going to be a great day for photography but that meant I could relax and simply the enjoy cars for their own sake and grab shots as the opportunity arose.