Rare Le Mans pace-car in Barrhaven

Who would have thought waiting to pick up my son from school would have turned up this rare car? It was a pace car at Le Mans.

There are drivers’ signatures under the hood…

…and special engraving in the wheels to match the paint job…

…those are six-piston brakes that only just fit inside the wheels.

All the rear lights also have superbright flashers in them and the owner demonstrated them but unfortunately they didn’t come out in the photos – I didn’t have a tripod handy to take a long exposure.


© Mike Ellison.

Toyota Matrix

Leopard spotted Toyota Matrix

Toyota Matrix

This Toyota Matrix has to be the most feminine customization I’ve seen since the Mini that used to run around Southgate that had lace antimacassars on the seatbacks. That’s not a criticism – more power to the ladies!

Anyway, yesterday evening we headed up to the new Moxies at Hunt Club and Riverside and what did we see parked outside the T&T Chinese supermarket but this eye-catcher. Check out the interior too!